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To buy marjoram Poltava. Spices and spicery

To buy marjoram Poltava. Spices and spicery
  • To buy marjoram Poltava. Spices and spicery
  • To buy marjoram Poltava. Spices and spicery
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To buy marjoram Poltava. Spices and spicery

Incomparable - quite so Arabs call marjoram. This spicy grass is known from extreme antiquity. It was grown up in Ancient Egypt and in Ancient Greece. According to the legend the marjoram has received the aroma from the goddess of love Aphrodite. And in Ancient Rome wreaths from marjoram were put on the heads newly married that they have lived the century in love and consent.

Leaves are very small, oblong and ovoid with scarcely noticeable silver - gray down and are covered with numerous pieces of iron. Marjoram flowers white, yellowish or pale lilac are on the ends of branches and are pulled together in spherical heads. Fruits consist of 4 small, ovoid nutlets of light - brown color.

As the homeland of marjoram consider the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and North Africa where it still grows in wild look. Presently the marjoram is commercially grown up on plantations of India and countries of Western Europe. It is cultivated and in the Southern regions of Russia, and also in the Caucasus.

Young leaves and escapes of marjoram contain vitamin - With, carotene, routines, pectin, tannins, bitterness, essential oil and minerals.

The marjoram is applied long since in traditional medicine as spazmolitichesky, sedative and antiseptic at gastritises with the lowered acidity of gastric juice, chronic cholecystitises and enterita. In old times it treated scurvy.

Modern traditional medicine appoints preparations from marjoram at sleeplessness, lazy stomach, headaches, cough with phlegm, cold, at depression and many nervous diseases, asthma, allergy, diabetes, diseases of kidneys, liver, gall bladder, violations of menstrual cycle. The marjoram strengthens formation of gastric juice and bile.

Ancient Greeks added marjoram to red wine for strengthening of love desire. In Medieval Europe was considered indecent to give on table of dish for guests, not seasoned with marjoram.

The marjoram as spice, impacts to dishes ostropryany, burning relish and sweet, spicy and flower aroma.

Presently eat leaves and inflorescences of marjoram in the fresh, fried and dried look. It is added to the first and second courses, especially well the marjoram is combined with meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes and bean. Marjoram flavor vinegar, house beer, tea, add spice at pickles and pickling of tomatoes and cucumbers. It is used by the alcoholic beverage industry for juicy unique aroma to liqueurs, punches.

The marjoram is applied in cosmetics to mitigation of the coarsened skin sites. For example, the softened grass is put to elbows and fixed by means of plaster.

Magicians say that the marjoram helps to fall in love with itself and to achieve the objective. And if present you bouquet from marjoram, then it speaks about admiration of you.

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