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Thyme. Thyme. Spices and spicery

Thyme. Thyme. Spices and spicery
  • Thyme. Thyme. Spices and spicery
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Thyme. Thyme. Spices and spicery

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, it is thyme - the long-term lodging forb. Hundreds of types of thyme of the sort Thymus grow almost across all Eurasia, in North Africa, on the Canary Islands and even in Greenland. The first written mentioning about thyme e belongs to the third millennium BC - ancient shumer applied it as antiseptic, and ancient Egyptians - as one of components in difficult process of embalming.

The Latin patrimonial name of thyme comes from the Greek thymiama (incense, fragrant smoking) - Greeks devoted it to Aphrodite and voskuryal in temples of the goddess. Long since was considered that the thyme gives courage, and the Roman soldiers before fight took baths with thyme, and the Scottish mountaineers (at those with bathtubs it was more difficult) with the same purpose drank tea with wild thyme. The glory of plant as symbol of courage has passed through centuries - in medieval Europe ladies embroidered on shirts of the knights thyme branch in hope that it will give them courage in fight

The extraordinary savor to meat dishes is added also by quite rare species - caraway thyme. It is magnificent in combination with garlic and wine (unseparable couple of the Mediterranean kitchen), and best of all approaches fish and roast chickens.

The subspecies of wild thyme - thyme lemon with pronounced tones of lemon are quite well widespread in cookery. Its tiny heart-shaped leaflets especially well approach seafood and sweet dishes. Citrus aroma facilitates perception of greasy food (natural essential oils promote digestion) therefore the lemon thyme is recommended to add to the fried potatoes, fried eggs, mincemeat, smoked products, mutton, duck, pastes, mushrooms, cottage cheese, game and cheeses, and also in very small amount - to fried fish, liver, giblets and veal.

Fresh and dried leaves and young escapes of all species of thyme use, like marjoram, in peas and haricot dishes, and also at production of sausages. The thyme - one of the main savoury herbs of French cuisine and surely joins in "garna bouquet" and "herbs of Provence", and in Spain, Greece and Turkey oil of thyme is applied when pickling olives.
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