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Rosemary. Spice plants and herbs ground

Rosemary. Spice plants and herbs ground
  • Rosemary. Spice plants and herbs ground
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Rosemary. Spice plants and herbs ground

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Rosemary — evergreen Mediterranean bush. Its name goes back to Latin ros marinus (sea dew) and has been given it not accidentally: rosemary grows on the sea coast, in splashes of sea foam. Therefore ancient Greeks and Romans devoted it to pennorozhdyonny Aphrodite (Venus) and considered that the wonderful plant can make the person happy, relieve of evil dreams and keep youth.

In cookery use the fragrant fresh, and also dried-up, curtailed in thin tubules leaves of one of types of rosemary less often - its root. Fresh slightly bitterish leaves exhale more true and bright aroma reminding complex mix of camphor, eucalyptus, pine and lemon. This grass, quite popular in many western countries, is especially widespread in the countries of the Mediterranean (exception Greece makes, perhaps), and the palm is strongly held by Italy and France.

is included into classical French spicy mixes of "grass of Provence" and garna bouquet, and on its basis prepare fragrant vinegar. Unlike many herbs, rosemary does not lose the aroma from long thermal treatment therefore the European cooks widely use it when pickling mutton and rabbit flesh to beat off specific, characteristic of these types of meat has begun to smell and to give it peculiar "forest" aroma of game.

At preparation of barbecue of branch and rosemary leaves are thrown into fire, and bird before frying on grill or coals sometimes wrap it branches. Any Italian hostess respecting herself will not begin to prepare lamb without rosemary.

is perfectly combined not only with fried meat, but also with mushrooms, eggs and the most different vegetables (tomatoes, spinach, peas, eggplants, vegetable marrows, cauliflower and potatoes), they in the Mediterranean are traditionally trained on olive oil. It is added to sauces and soups, and especially well it approaches cheese dishes.

Pinch of rosemary it is good to add to wine punch or apple jelly.

It is not recommended to use rosemary together with bay leaf, and also to add it to fish dishes and thin marinades - he can "strangle" the dense camphoric note.

Rosemary - one of the strongest spicy seasonings, on it it should not be abused.
Kind of spice:Rosemary
Information is up-to-date: 28.04.2021

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