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Oregano. Spices and spicery

Oregano. Spices and spicery
  • Oregano. Spices and spicery
  • Oregano. Spices and spicery
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Oregano. Spices and spicery

is perennial plant of family of mint family. Other name - oregano ordinary. In translation from Greek "oregano" means "pleasure of mountains". Oregano homeland hills of the Mediterranean region and Middle East.

The first data on fragrant plant under the name of "oregano" are dated the 1st century AD. The Greek doctor Dioskoridos investigated many plants which features he has brought in the book "Peri hyles jatrikes" ("Herbs"). The author has devoted the third volume to herbs, roots and their health giving qualities. This work of long-term researches was crowned with success even in ancient times. He has proved that each small plant to a greater or lesser extent possesses medicinal properties. He has entered a lot of information in world medicine as well about oregano.

In cookery the dried leaves and flower buds of oregano are used.

Oregano it is widespread in cuisines of the Mediterranean, and the Italian dishes cannot already be provided without its characteristic aroma. It is put in pizza, paste, it is remarkably combined with tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms. Approaches hot sandwiches, soups (especially tomato), to chicken, haricot, eggs dishes. And if to add oregano branch to bottle with vinegar or vegetable oil, then its contents will gain distinguished aroma.

Oregano it is ideally combined with ham, salads, fish sauces. It is irreplaceable seasoning for the baked meat, soups, the baked potatoes. It is necessary to add it shortly before readiness of dish. To taste of oregano compare to marjoram.

Season with large leaves soups, fish dishes, crabs and eggs. Poles prefer the fish stuffed white with bread, seasoned crushed oregano. It is also added to the meat fried on naked flame (to shish kebabs, sausages, game).

Oregano stimulates appetite and promotes digestion. Oregano perfectly is in harmony with basil, marjoram, thyme and pepper.
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