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Ground cloves. Carnation seasoning. Spices and spicery

Ground cloves. Carnation seasoning. Spices and spicery
  • Ground cloves. Carnation seasoning. Spices and spicery
  • Ground cloves. Carnation seasoning. Spices and spicery
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Ground cloves. Carnation seasoning. Spices and spicery

The carnation — very strong spice, and is better not to go too far in it. However, it quickly enough spends the force. To check quality of carnation, it is possible to throw it into water if it sinks, so essential oils in it enough if floats, so it is not spice any more, and just herbarium.

Ground cloves

At ground cloves the same intensive aroma, as well as at the whole buds, but in ground look it is added to pastries — most often in dough for gingerbreads and cookies. In appearance strong, rigid buds can quite easily be powdered in ceramic or marble

The carnation
is spice which is received from the dried-up immature flower buds (buds) of clove tree. The carnation possesses peculiar burning taste and strong smell. Aroma of hat of bud thinner and difficult, aroma of scape - sharper, bitter. Therefore in sweet dishes put carnation hats, and in marinades, fish and meat dishes - scapes.
It is better not to buy ground cloves for the future: it quickly spoils, gets unpleasant odor. It is easy to check quality of whole spice in house conditions. The carnation has to be oily to the touch, elastic, have foxy color. If the bud of carnation sinks in water or spice fresh floats on its surface hat up, in it there is a lot of essential oil. If the carnation floats horizontally, it is overdried or has lost expiration date.

The carnation is put in various meat, bird, fish, pasta, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit dishes, cold appetizers, soups, salads, porridges, ragout, plova, pastes, curd pastes, marinades, pickles, sauces, seasonings, confectionery and desserts, compotes, juice, punches, liqueurs and wines.
There are several culinary rules connected with this spice. Thermal treatment at high temperatures deprives carnation of aroma and does taste of food excessively bitter therefore the later put spice, the thinner taste and smell of the prepared dishes turns out. To add carnation to broths, soups, plova, compotes it is better in 3-5 minutes prior to readiness, in meat dishes - in 10 minutes prior to readiness, in forcemeats and dough - before roasting, cooking or roasting, in marinades - along with other components. The ground cloves, and for stewed - integral well are suitable for fried and sweet dishes.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 08.11.2021

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