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Cut powdered onion

Cut powdered onion
  • Cut powdered onion
  • Cut powdered onion
  • Cut powdered onion
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Onions dry ground. Onions ground. Cut powdered onion

Onion - one of the major vegetable cultures used around the world. Onions are added practically to all dishes, except sweet and as spice is part of many seasonings and mixes of spices. Possesses the major medicinal properties.

It is very fragrant seasoning to many dishes, and especially for stewed and fried fish and meat, for roasting in batter of vegetable marrows, eggplant and other vegetables, is prerasno combined with other spices and herbs.

Each person knows that onions are useful also at treatment of different diseases, and just as the means strengthening organism. Onions - plant really surprising. Practically any hostess does not do without it. Onions enter compounding of many dishes: it is added both to salads, and to first courses, and to the second, eaten as in the raw, and in soared, fried and even boiled (though the last option suits not everyone). Both green "plumelets", and bulbs are used. We have so got used to onions that occasionally we forget about what at us at hand is at all seasons of the year cheap, available to all and everyone means of fight against many diseases. By the way, biologists claim that onions are creation of human hands as its wild forms are still not found in the nature.
Onions are added to the fresh and sterilized salads, canned button mushrooms, cucumbers and different types of vegetables. Impacts good relish to sauerkraut. In kitchen it is usually used as flavor additives in different soups, sauces, sauces, forcemeats, to fried meat, in onions pies, etc. Onions perfectly supplement sausage and meat goods, cottage cheese, cheeses, bread with fat.
Today there is uncountable set of ways of treatment of different diseases by means of traditional medicine. And efficiency of such natural therapy does not raise doubts even at inveterate pessimists.
As medicine onions were applied since the oldest times. Its unique health giving qualities were known in Ancient Egypt, as well as at the time of Ancient Hellas and the Roman Empire. In general, onions contain already more than four-thousand-year history.
It stimulates allocation of digestive juices, has diuretic effect, calm nervous system. Phytoncides of onions have bactericidal and antigelmintny effect and favorably influence regulation of microflora of oral cavity and intestines, and also secretory function of kidneys.
Country of manufacture:India
The degree of processing:Crushed
Kind of Vegetables:Onion
Information is up-to-date: 28.04.2021

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